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A Comedy Triple Bill – 2008


Author Plays 1 & 2

Author Play 3

A triple bill of one act comedies

Play 1 – Around the World with Class 6

Summary and Cast

Class 6 are well-behaved, hard-working … and bored. Every day is much the same and then the supply teacher, sets them an interesting project: to re-enact Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the world in 1577. Within minutes the room is transformed into an Elizabethan sailing ship and the brave adventurers set sail!

Pupil 1 –  Matthew Moore
Pupil 2 – Luke Jermy
Pupil 3 – Maureen Larkin
Pupil 4 – Shula Howard
Pupil 5 – Beth Rose-Waghorn
Pupil 6 – Ian Fulcher
Small Child – Alice Bush
Lost Property 1 – Sarah Morris
Lost Property 2 – Pauline Mason

Play 2 – Melons at The Parsonage

Summary and Cast

Two amateur drama groups become joint winners of a play festival. A tie-break involves the groups performing an extract from their own entry and then an excerpt from the opposing team’s play, but the pieces are very different. They compete again with hilarious results but the outcome is still a tie. This time a rugby scrum will decide the winner!

Iris – Beth Rose-Waghorn
Ted – Howard Dover
Bletchworth Vicar – Ian Fulcher
Bletchworth Maid – Rosey Kipps
Bletchworth Spinster – Gina Buntrock
Frantic Jam 1 – Anthony Bunting
Frantic Jam 2 – Jackie Bingham
More Jam – Alice Bush, Pauline Mason
Stage Manager – Ann Morris
Extras – Matthew Moore, Luke Jermy

Play 3 – Gilly’s Gem

Summary and Cast

Gilly’s Gem is a comedy set in a block of flats in London. Millie and Peggy, both live-in cleaners, are best friends and rely on each other for support when dealing with their lady bosses.

Millie’s boss is a kind and wealthy woman who is very fond of Gilly, even though she knows that Millie and Peggy help themselves to the Gin when she’s away, that her cleaning leaves much to be
desired, and that her cooking is awful. Millie is very protective of her lovely, rather naïve boss.

The fun starts when Gilly introduces Millie to her new prospective boyfriend, Toby, who she says he is an antiques dealer, and wants her to invest some money in his business….except that he’s not. 

Millie – Carolyn Dover
Peggy – Beth Rose-Waghorn
Gilly – Jackie Bingham
Anna – Jude Bissett
Toby – Howard Dover