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Panic Stations – 2003




Barry Parsons produced and directed this farce by Derek Benfield.

Chester Dreadnought has bought a lovely country cottage, dreaming of idyllic peace, but is he able to enjoy it? Not with Abel Bounty, the local unhandyman, always around, and not with Carol, an attractive girl who seems to have mysteriously moved in. Chester who is a character that some will know from Wild Goose Chase and Post Horn Gallop will remember his aptitude for social and anti-social blunders, and Lord and Lady Elrood and scatty Miss Partridge also make a reappearance.

It featured a strong cast with Howard Dover as Abel, Mark Fox as Chester, Beth Rose-Waghorn (who stepped in half way through the rehearsals) as Carol, Jackie Bingham as Patricia, Gina Buntrock as Miss Elrood, Sarah Morris as Miss Partridge, Mike Catling as Lord Elrood, Melvin Frankland as the Sergeant and Carolyn Dover as Mrs. Bounty.