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Variety Night – 2000


Choreographer/ MD


A one off Variety Night was our summer production in 2000.

This showcased the talents, young and old of our performing members that our audience had grown to appreciate in the past productions.

The show featured dance numbers, songs, instrumental and singer soloists,  comedy sketches, excerpts from previous pantomimes and more.


P Beckett, Anna Frosdick, Nancy Milner, L Morris, F Bundy, Emma Burton, Amy Coombe, J Fisher, Kimberley Mason, S Potter, T Woods, S Beales, C Fulcher, S Mayfield, C Sapey, V Smith, K Petty, Beth Turner, N Woods, S Brown, D Eamer, R Hambling, V Legg, S Luck, C Morley, Sarah Morris, J Nicholls, I Reeve, A Spanner

Solo Perfomers:

Brian Cox
Graham Orpet (Ukelele)
Ian Taylor
Beryl Carver (Keyboard)

Acting/Singing ensemble:

Maureen Larkin, Derek Loyd, Melvyn Frankland, Gina Buntrock, J Catlin, Pauline Mason, Alexandra Chilvers, Rosey Kipps, Jennie Futter, Graham Orpet, Z Edgeway, M Middleton, S Shaw, Anna Frosdick, P Staufenberg, J Wall, S Wilkin.

The show was great fun for cast and audience and really well received!