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Ali Baba and the 10.5 Thieves – 2002



Choreographer/ MD

Review – Beccles and Bungay Journal – Jan 2002

Ali and his thieves steal the show

Loddon Pantomime Players have done it again! If the story of Ali Baba is less familiar than usual, script writer Joan Evans has done a sparkling job and managed to weave in all sorts of characters from the Arabian nights and elsewhere.

Loddon has produced another fun show, in the full sense of the word. The right atmosphere was set from the very beginning with the exquisite dancing of the delightful young chorus girls.

Soon we encounter the lavishly attired Anthony Bunting as Delilah. “You’re only as young as you feel,” she quips, plus a lot more, which I won’t divulge.

Enough to say that it’s the usual ribald humour, splendidly timed and in the best possible taste, of course!

Enter Maureen Larkin as Rum Baba and the stage was set for some hilarious goings on that we have come to expect from this pair. They are especially skilled in their ability to involve the audience.

The whole cast was just fantastic an all deserve to be mentioned. The camel, with Alexandra Chilvers and Pauline Mason within, kept the younger members of the audience enthralled and was so realistic.

The musical numbers were superb, from the ever-popular Moon River beautifully sung by Jennie Futter, to the rousing and very comical duet by Melvin Frankland and Adam Taylor trying to persuade us that they Enjoy being a Girl.

There is so much hard work behind the scenes, as well as in front and with limited space, stage manager Ray Lumley can feel well proud of his team.

As a spectacle it was sheer delight, and the costumes were just fabulous!

The scene where the five young dancers dressed in Bob the Builder outfits to perform Mambo Number Five was a real gem.

And one could go on as there, as there were so many polished performances.

Once again the musical accompaniment was in the very capable hands of Beryl Carver and was much appreciated by the audience.

The pantomime runs until January 26. It is practically sold out but one can always try for a ticket!

A special performance for the Saint Raphael Club for the Disabled is also being staged on Sunday.