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Robin Hood – 1991


Choreography/ MD

Review – Beccles & Bungay Journal – Chet Chat – Jan 1991

Finale song has a peaceful message

Those who said that war in the Gulf would be quick and easy were wrong.

Originally some commentators were giving it five days at the most.

But the deadline has been passed and the sense of the unknown is growing especially for those who have sons and daughters serving abroad.

There are at least three families in the Loddon area which have sons or grandsons serving in the Gulf and their hunger for good news must be great.

Waiting, worrying, not knowing these are all huge burdens which will continue until people in the services are safely back home. Relatives are being remembered in all sorts of ways.

The cast of Robin Hood at the George Lane Lecture Hall for the last two weeks have shown their support in their own way. new paragraph the audience last week was roused by the Loddon Players finale, singing “One World.”

Producer Mrs. Joan Evans originally chose the song to highlight the plight in Romania one of the lines is: “we sing it for the children.”

But she says it soon occurred to her and the others that the peaceful message in the song was appropriate to need for peace in the Gulf.

The audience was asked to remember the people serving abroad and their families as the play came to an end.

I was told afterwards that one or two people did comment on it and were pleased that we had thought about the situation, she said.

On the Saturday night which was officially the last night of the show, the audience was invited to join in with the words.

Now, due to the productions great popularity, there are to be two more performances this weekend.

A night of slapstick panto is a way of forgetting the ills of the world, but it’s also a good way for people to get together, be aware of their community and remember the wider world.